SILA- Greenlandic Stage Artists Association 2018

Skärmavbild 2018-01-16 kl. 22.11.52For the coming months, I’m fortunate to work side by side with a talented group of individuals, as we are the new board of SILA- Kalaallit Nunaanni Isiginnaagassiortartut peqatigiiffiat.

To follow performing arts-related activities in Greenland in general and our members, in particular, please visit our facebook page by clicking SILA facebook

SILA webpage will be updated during the spring, you find it by clicking SILA webpage. You will find updated information about the Association’s current work.


Extraordinary General Assembly 201217
Extraordinary General Assembly 20.12.17 at Nunatta isiginnaartitsinermik Ilinniarfiata pisortaa

SILA Board Members:

Rickard Borgström, Secretary/ Treasury (Curator)

Naleraq Eugenius, Chairman (Theatre Technician)

Klaus Geisler (Actor)

Kimmernaq Kjeldsen, Vice- Chairman (Actor)

Miké Thomsen (Actor)

Substitute members

Else Charlem Danielsen (Actor, Dramatist)

Anemarie Ottosen (Actor, Dramatist)

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