Come Dance With Me

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This fall I’m invited to teach during the course CHOREOGRAPHING CONTEXTS at DOCH- STHLM, among great people such as Sandra Noeth,  Kerstin Schroth,  Agnes Quackels.

Thanks to the invitation from the superb Course Director: Anna Efraimsson

Deadline to Apply 15th of April 


Curating in dance is a field of strong expansion and ongoing definition and redefinition.

In the course, we meet different curatorial and artistic practices especially looking at performing arts and performance. We will analyze curating from structural, social, aesthetic and political perspectives and look at its potential and role in current dance- choreography and performance ecology. This course is approaching curating as an artistic practice departing from a wide definition of choreography. Furthermore, the course Choreographing Contexts aims at supporting the student’s own curatorial practice and methods.

Artists and curators from Sweden and other countries come and share strategies, formats, problems, and opportunities.
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