2/11/, 10/11, 24/11, 26/11- An exhibition in four acts, 2012

rubrik sinne

– An exhibition in four acts

Anders Smebye, Artist
Wojciech Kosma, Artist
Robert Steijn, Choreographer
Franco Berardi, Author

Rickard Borgström, Curator
Sinne, Art space
Opening 1.11
Exhibition Period 2.11- 2.12


Anders Smebye
– I’m Not Here

(An open space with large windows facing the street.
There are three pillars by the opposite wall.
A small placard is hung on a magnet board.
Four textiles are hooked with wire to the ceiling.
The filtered light alters surfaces.)


Wojciech Kosma
– Two

(The same space.
The textiles are placed by the entrance.
Dwayne and Llewellyn are performing.)

(The same space.
Only different.)


Robert Steijn
– It’s in your hands stupid!

(The same space.
The textiles are put to use.
A reiki master, a prima ballerina, a work group and Robert are having a gathering.)


Franco Berardi
– What can be done when nothing can be done?

(The same space.
The textiles are on the floor.
Franco is reading his poetry.)

Dates & Times & Address:
1 nov Opening, 18.00-21.00
2 nov First Act ”I´m Not Here”, Textiles, placard, light installation, Anders Smebye 11.00 – 17.00
10 nov Second Act ”Two”, Performance, Wojciech Kosma, 18.00- 20.30
13 nov ”Intermezzo”
22-25 nov Third Act ”It´s in your hands stupid!”, Workshop, Robert Steijn 12.00- 17.00 and 21.00- 22.30
24 nov Third Act ” It´s in your hands stupid!”, Gathering (Performance), Robert Steijn, 20.00- 22.30
26 nov Fourth Act ” What can be done when nothing can be done?”, Poetry reading, Franco Bifo Berardi 21.00- 23.00
27 nov ”Public Matters”, HIAP TALK, Rael Artel, Rickard Borgström, Tess Edmonson, 17.00- 19.00

The art space is open Tuesday – Sunday, 2 nov- 2 dec, 11.00- 17.00
Every week there is a re-hanging of Anders Smebyes  textiles; and a new event takes place.

Free of charge.

Iso Roobertinkatu 16, 00120 Helsinki,



I´m Not Here, Textiles, placard, light installation, 2012 Anders Smebye
Two, With performers Llewellyn Reichman and Dwayne Browne, 2012 Wojciech Kosma
It is in your hands stupid!, A Gathering (Performance) with a reiki master, a prima ballerina,  a work group and Robert, 2012 Robert Steijn
What can be done when nothing can be done?, Poetry reading, 2012 Franco Bifo Berardi

Documentation at http://www.anderssmebye.com/I-m-Not-Here-1

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