PERFORM- Seminar #1, 2010

PERFORM- The Theatrical Situation, Seminar at Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim 10-11 feb 2010



“The last decade’s artists seem to have an interest in the performative side of their art production. Whereby one emphasize the situation and how it communicate towards the spectator, and how it is both embedded in reality as well as producing reality. Many theatre reformers throughout history have discussed the public’s experience and role; is the audience active or passive? The problem with this discussion is that it is based on the assumption of the mastering performer and the ignorant audience. How can the theatre be used as a site to turn this around and refine the relationship between performer and spectator?”


Knut Ove Arntzen (No) Per Ananiassen (No)

Rickard Borgström (Fi/Se) Arne Skaug Olsen (No)


Jacques Ranciére (Fr) Mårten Spångberg (Se)

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