THE END OF THE KNOWERS- when it is as it was where it was before it was

Performance, installation, video and concert program at Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim, 11-12 feb 2010

“Once upon a time the theatre was the place were stories of the society was told. Spellbound by this magical space created by lights and acting the audience felt closeness as well as alienation towards the appearance of the performance. At some point the frame of the theatre came down, and theatre was taken to the streets, and turned acting into means of communicating trough the open gesture, playing with the spectators feedback and making the audience take part of the work, or just played her a trick. The theatre was transforming everything; from reality, via politics to the mundane and the inner feelings. The theatre became an open space for performing our self, as well as our surroundings. Today it has left us with these traces, but the stakes are different, even if the stage is the same. It is as we perform these traces in most parts of our lives, we all play our part and live our lives, either every action is an indispensable lie or a decisive truth, or in fact both, in this world of theater.”


“Ready, Steady” Daniel AlmgrenRecén (Se) 2008

“Becoming work-in-progress” Azra Halilovic (No) 2010

“Smart Control” David Lamignan Larsen (No) 2010

Randomly seeking Giselle” Und er libet- Anna Mari Karvonen, Heidi Lind, Masi Tiitta (Fi) 2009

“Näcken” Documentation of Dance Installation Dölsie- Sara Mathiasson, Sofia Restorp (Se) 2008/10


“The Catoptric Animal” Lina Berglund (Se) 2008

“Specific Theatre- tribute to Lawerence Weiner” Steinar Haga Kristensen 2007

“Transactionism” Steinar Haga Kristensen 2008

“I andras hand” Narrative Sound Installation Hans Rosenström (Fi) with actors Janne Kokkin (No) Kristofer Hivju (No) 2010

Video Screening:

“From Processology to Neo-Relationalism- chaos to consensus, a debate” D.O.R- Sverre Gullesen, Steinar H Kristensen, Kristian Øverland Dahl (No) 2008

“The Social Construction of Reality” Erkka Nissinen (Fi) 2005

“Indrefittas eksistensielle problem” Erik Pirolt (No) 2007

“Bibliotekaren” Erik Pirolt (No) 2008


Kvartzkompaniet (No), SkRR Kollektivet (No)

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