SYMPOSIUM: You’ve got my interest 18-19 Nov TQW

                                             SYMPOSIUM:You’ve got my interest
Symposium on the economics of producing, between extravagance and calculation


Against the background of deep changes in habitats and the ecological, economic and intercultural preconditions of our action, precisely because of the specific involvement and participation of contemporary dance and performance art in these processes, the related practice of production is up for discussion in a special way.

In the framework of the FEEDBACK programme focus – in a two-day and international symposium in introductory lectures, dialogues and round tables – the producers, artists and theoreticians dedicate themselves to various aspects that mark the ‘Inter-Esse’, the being together, the sharing and allocating of interests and roles in the context of the production and conveying of artistic works.
What are the ‘hard facts’ and what are the ideal values of the houses such as the Tanzquartier Wien that produce the basis of our artistic, arts-policy and institutional decisions? What roles do concepts of trust, extravagance and squandering oneself play in exchange and cooperation? How does the incalculable and the superfluous in artistic production unsettle the calculated and the strategic in order to open up new territories for art and its audience?
Starting from various questions and in dialogue with the practice of all those involved, the event invites people to an exchange of views on the present-day economics of producing.

The guests included representatives of the most famous festivals and institutions, such as:  Anita Mathieu (Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales, Paris), Serge Laurent (Centre Pompidou, Paris), John Ashford (Aerowaves, London), Annemie Vanackere (Productiehuis Rotterdam, from 1 Dec. Director of the HAU – Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin), Karlien Meganck (DeSingel, Antwerp), Sabine Gehm (Internationaler Tanzkongress Bremen 2013), Dieter Jaenicke (Europäisches Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden), Bush Hartshorn (Dansescenen, Copenhagen), Silvia Fanti (XING, Bologna), Rickard Borgström (Inkonst, Malmö) and Sally de Kunst (Belluard Bollwerk Festival, Fribourg), but also directors from Austria such as Veronica Kaup-Hasler (Steirischer Herbst, Graz) and Karl Regensburger (Impulstanz, Wien).

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