On Dance, Theatre, Performance in a More-than-Human World

Seminar 10 Nov 13:00 – 17:15 at Färgfabriken There is a codependency, but in the end, machines do not need us, we need them. – Geumhyung Jeong I wish to explore that which don’t revolve around the human, but rather focus on the other living world. In this case the realm of the forest. IsContinue reading “On Dance, Theatre, Performance in a More-than-Human World”

Opening 21 Oct “Symbiosis Erotics” at Färgfabriken Stockholm

Symbiosis – Erotics Zheng Bo + Geumhyung Jeong 21 October – 28 November 2021Part of Open Studio SymbiosisFärgfabriken, Stockholm                                                        The project Symbiosis – Erotics presents two artists with diverse body of work, that yet share similar interest in symbiotic methods, where human and non-human live and act in proximity: Zheng Bo in relation to theContinue reading “Opening 21 Oct “Symbiosis Erotics” at Färgfabriken Stockholm”