STAMSUND 2012, Final Draw 2/5


The technical explanation of the draw procedure                                                                                            

Twenty shows will participate in the final program of Stamsund International Theatre Festival 2012. The host institutions are Figurteatret i Nordland (FIN) and Stamsund International Theatre (SIT). The shows have qualified based on the host institutions dance and theatre rankings, they have been classified based on their rankings which determines their allocation in pools 1-5.

Pool 1 will contain FIN productions and collborators, Pool 2 contains SIT guest performances, Pool 3 represent the cooperation between FIN & SIT (FS), Pool 4 contains North Norwegian Productions (NNP) and finally Pool 5 presents SIT Platform for artistic development (SP).

All the qualified shows from Pools 1 to 5 will be allocated in one single Festival Pool. The first show drawn from the Festival Pool will be placed in group A. Next show will drawn and placed in group B. The procedure is followed and is completed when all the shows been drawn from the Festival Pool and placed in each group of 5 shows. How the shows are positioned in the groups are determined by the dates and times when they play during the final program of STAMSUND INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL 2012.

Rickard Borgström, Curator SIT 2012

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