tromsø 28 april

II.we- a questionary                                                                                                                                                                 someone asked us what´s the role of the audience today?
at first we felt a bit bored by this at one hand out-of-fashion question on the other hand we guess it´s one of the most basic topic in the field of arts, the naïve question would not leave us at ease, therefore we likewise asked ourself naively

is there a new kind of audience?
is there a new kind of spectator?
is this a result of the social changes that occurred in the recent collective imagination?
have new ways of communicating and relating transformed audiences for good?
is it possible to think today of a merely receptive spectator?
for the spectator to emancipate herself is it necessary for her to adopt an active role?
in all these processes have artistic practices had any influence?
is the activation of a counter public possible?
do the artists and the spectator increasingly resemble one another?

hmm…. this does not feel right…something is missing….we think we need an update…puh.. would you help us out by adding a questions or two on the list…. that would save our day…

thanks !

we would also like to thank

don kulick, era krasniqi, tim etchells, dora budor, dmitry paranyushkin, merideth hillbrand, james webb, emma hagdahl, heiner müller and magnus thorén, leif alexis, hans rosenström, nina kurtela.

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