Curator for The Central Finland Exhibition 2020

43750343_311839876274157_3012168252399812608_nNotions of place- from belonging to displaced.

This regional exhibition will look closer at notions of place. The concept is open for many interpretations and approaches, as it is as simple, as complex.

Current institutional structures distribute productions towards sites, places, and contexts through commissions and open calls, where often the artists find themselves dislocated from the site, place and context.

What artistic methods and working processes are there to be found in these boundless place orientated practices? Are the works aimed for a local environment and/or conceived for a global scene? What does this type of art produce on the local level?

Furthermore, these questions draw one to think more broadly around cultures of belonging and displacement today.

The call is thus open for locally based artists as much as artists from the rest of Finland and abroad, from any art discipline.

The  Call is for ideas for new works and/or existing works and/or previous works.

The Central Finland Exhibition is dived into two chapters: The first chapter opens in June 2020 and the second, September 2020. It is organized by Jyväskylä Art Museum, Keuruu Museum, Saarijärvi Museum and Jyväskylä Artists’ Association.

The call will be finalized and published the coming week.

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Who is Eligible to apply?

  1. The Open Call prioritizes artists from any art discipline who address notions of place within their work.
  2. The Open Call prioritizes applications that respond to the questions around art production in relation to place.
  3. Those working as individuals, artistic teams and collectives are eligible.
  4. To apply you do not need to have an art education or to have studied in university.
  5. Those who are currently attending any full-time education are not eligible for The Open Call.

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