Symbiosis Erotics stir up emotions

Un Le Petit Scandale, even before opening night Zheng Bo´s project strip up emotion. In Dagens Nyheters critic Lisa Boda writes a chronical of the fall season with the heading “When Dalarna lures with Eco- Sexual Dance Workshops the limit is crossed.”

A rather hasty demarcations from Lisa, without even seen the work. One get curious why she does not even engage with the work. The work in itself is something more than fetischistic exercises with a pine tree. It is a question that problematize the human centred perspective, and look into to the nature forest in general and in this case the pine tree in particular, that we have very little knowledge of. The fact that we liv in an ecology of coexistence (or even codependency) with our surroundings, the approach here is to try to understand these more- than- human beings, and to broaden our understanding of the living, even what sexulaity can be. As when I breathe, I am constantly interact with the circular movement of exchanging oxygen carbon dioxide, for example in relation to a tree.
But perhaps this touches on a the loaded and constructed dichotomies of modern times?

Interesting enouhg Maia Hörstadius from Dala Nyheter made a report from Högsveden the nature forest in Dalarna. Here article has quite a different perspective than Lisa Boda. You can read Maia´s article here and Lisa Bodas here.

We hope that some more brave critic from Dagens Nyheter will visit the exhibition and program at Färgfabriken this fall. They are more than welcome!

Rickard & Rebecca //

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