PESULA opening a new art space, Sibbo, Finland 2019

pesula interiör med konstnärerWe are opening a new art space: PESULA. So happy to make the summer season-opening exhibition with brand new works of two brilliant artists of their generation. Corinna Helenelund will present new sculptures for the space while Jaakko Pietiläinen will unveil a permanent installation for the facade. A great art venture by Sibbo Municipality, thanks to the brave and bold drive of Anne, Katja & Kimmo. It feels a bit special to return to my childhood paradise and give back to my supportive community.

Thanks, Anne, Katja, Kimmo for the generously giving us this opportunity! And special thanks to Sabina Westerholm and Markus Åström for the talks.

Stay tuned for opening dates in May!

Sipoon kunta – Sibbo kommun

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