Ø episode 9, Opening Night 4th of July.

I glad to be part of the premier Ø episode 9  on the 4th of July at Hovedøya, Oslo.
An opera created by artist Trond Reinholdtsen. It will be Block Bust Show Stopper.

The show is taking place in the frame of festival TOPUBLIC curated by Gry Ulfeng.

Ø (episode 9) – 4, 5, og 6 juli kl 19.00-23.30

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 13.06.56.png

About Trond Reinholdtsen, norwegian artist based in Oslo, was educated as a classical composer and singer. From 2002 his work began to take on a multidisciplinary character, involving conceptual strategies, emphasis on semantic meaning and critical investigation into the genre and the institutions of contemporary music. He couples references to the lecture, documentary, performance and banality with a profound interest in narrative form, mathematical structure and communist propaganda, briskly discarding emotionality, subtleness and musicality on the way. Reinholdtsen’s operas, a mixture of dystopian science fiction and existentialism, have returned to grand narratives and Ur-mythologies (Orpheus, The Apocalypse, Utopias, Narcissus) as a response to a perceived gentrification and fussiness in contemporary music. The participation of non-professionals gives rise to a constant sensation of teetering on the brink of disaster and chaos. After the final production Narcissus in 2013, in which the main protagonist drowns in a quagmire of introversion and egotism, The Norwegian Opra institution has moved to a newly purchased villa in the Swedish countryside and has begun, starting in the cellar, a new, possibly infinite, series of operas under the title Ø.

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