What does it take to belong?

hzt logoSODA Lectures 2019/20 – What does it take to belong?

On the 13th of November, I have the pleasure to converse with Sandra Noeth at HZT Berlin. More information here

What does it take to cross a border? Sandra Noeth examines the entangled experiences of borders and of collectivity through the perspective of bodies. By dramaturgical analyses of contemporary artistic work from Lebanon and Palestine, she shows how borders and collectivity are constructed and negotiated through performative, corporeal, movement-based, and sensory strategies and processes. The SODA lecture seminar gathers each semester artists and theorists from various disciplines and fields of practice. Bodies, and the aesthetic, socio-political and ethical questions that they open up, are at the core of the public discourse and workshop program that is dedicated to the idea of ‘belonging’ in the 2019/20 winter term: a complex and open idea that addresses material, geopolitical and affective aspects; reminds of familiar routines, gestures and habits, shared norms, values and rights; and formulates questions concerning experiences of safety and trust and the right to societal and political participation.

In English; for detailed information about the program and guests see www.hzt-berlin.de (from Oct. 30, 2019 onwards) Besetzung Moderation: Sandra Noeth | Redner: Rickard Borgström


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